NAME : Shinya "Pain"

PROFESSION : Bread maker

SPOT : 41 rue des Trois-Frères, Montmartre

OPENING HOURS : From Thursday to sunday. 4:30pm - 7:30pm

The unique shop of a discreet herald of the new Parisian bakery scene, in the heart of Montmartre.

Behind this small charcoal-black facade, Shinya Inagaki, a living legend of sourdough, does what he loves: French bread. Trained at Grenier à Pain, before making the best of Boulangerie du Nil and Fermentation Générale, this amiable Japanese settled in 2020 in this tiny shop in Abbesses.

Forget about sleek counters and curated addresses: you enter a chaotic shop/lab/bakery, with inconvenient opening hours and bread scattered everywhere. As a soloist baker, Shinya kneads, bakes, welcomes, sells, and even handles communication on social media (an Instagram account with post-it notes listing the daily breads).

Nevertheless, when you taste the productions of this genius fascinated by the convivial power of bread, you forget his quirks (and the queue). His breads are distinctive but never divisive, with delicate crusts, subtle sourdough acidity that brings out the aroma of roasted grains.

The classic khorasan loaf, the Rolls Royce of ancient grains, is a delight that you devour like a cake. The sesame bread has a reassuring density and the focaccia overflows with a rather cheeky indulgence. You can also trust him on the few sides scattered on the chaotic shelves.

The flan is absolutely delicious with its very roasted puff pastry and the scone, dense and crumbly, is already establishing itself as the icon of the place.


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