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I wanted to make the denim my father worn in the nineties. they were sold too big, it was an experience. I tried it and worn an old deadstock 501 during years and I wanted to share this experience with you.

Paul Ben Chemhoun founder BRUT®



Discover our collection directed by Paul Ben Chemhoun. The main idea is to create new garments to highlight a wardrobe made mostly from vintage clothes. Our design are minimal, timeless and inspired by Paul's vintage collection. Raw and unisex our collection are made in very limited quantity.

discover SPRING SUMMER 22


Our Shop

Our vintage mecca, founded by Paul Ben Chemhoun of Brut Clothing, offers a real leap back in time with a selection of US military clothing from the Second World War, jeans from the 1970s and very American XXL jackets.

Vintage boutique Brut Archives, 3 Rue Réaumur, 75003 Paris

Our Showroom

Our showroom is directed by Paul Ben Chemhoun focused on his archives of rare clothes from all around the world.

Our archives is a source of inspiration for costume designers, we are working with renowned stylists and fashion directors .

We settled our archives in January 2017 in an exclusive space dedicated to designers and vintage lovers in the heart of Paris.

To book an appointment mail us at : Showroom


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