Extra thick 100% cotton jersey construction !

7oz Heavyweight coton/ 200g

Heavy duty round collar

Constructed using USA made fabric

True to size

(Double check with our size guide below)


Clément is 1m78 -67Kg  Size Medium

Sega is 1m90 - 80Kg Size Large

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Workwear or sportswear the best American underwear

Fabrics Made in USA

100%  COTTON

Heavy weight classic tee


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All the irregularities of our curated clothes are part of the original history

Our vintage items are carefully selected everywhere in the world like this Deck jacket USN Rectangle

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Fits True to size

(Clement is 179cm for 69kg and wear MEDIUM size

Sega is 190cm for 80kg and wear LARGE size).

Small : Measurements : 
  • Shoulder width : 42 cm / 16.5 inches
  • Chest width : 47 cm / 18.5 inches
  • Centre backlength: 70 cm / 27.6 inches
  • Sleevelength: 22 cm / 8.7 inches
Medium : Measurements :
  • Shoulder width : 47 cm / 18.5 inches
  • Chest width : 51 cm / 20.1 inches
  • Centre backlength: 72 cm / 28.3 inches
  • Sleevelength: 23 cm / 9.1 inches
Large : Measurements :
  • Shoulder width : 52 cm / 20.5 inches
  • Chest width : 55 cm / 21.7 inches
  • Centre backlength: 77 cm / 30.3 inches
  • Sleevelength: 24 cm / 9.4 inches
X-Large : Measurements :
  • Shoulder width : 55 cm / 21.7 inches
  • Chest width : 60 cm / 23.6 inches
  • Centre backlength: 77 cm / 30.3 inches
  • Sleevelength: 24 cm / 9.4 inches