French Heritage

French Painter atelier coat 1930's


Antique artist painter coat French workwear coat from 1930'sBeautiful painting patinaOriginal h..

French workwear jacket by Le Laboureur


Le Laboureur jackets are all made in France and produced like in the 1950's. 100% French fabrics...

1930 Grey patchwork atelier coat


Grey patchwork atelier coat  Ultra worn and repairedBeautifull authentic patinaFrench hand ..

1950 wool sailor shirt


Vintage French wool pull over shirtMade in FranceInteresting authentic navy  patchesUsed by Fre..

1950's Deadstock overalls


Vintage deadstock blue overallsWorn by French workersPeasant, craftsmen, rail worker ...Beautiful au..

French "VULCAIN" fades atelier coat


Rare faded moleskine atelier coatSmall typical 1930's front pocketBlue sky colorMade in franceAntiqu..

French chore jacket faded 1950's


Vintage faded blue chore jacketWorn by French workersPeasant, craftsmen, rail worker ...Beautiful au..

French Worker Striped Pants 1930's


Rare woolen stripped fabricMade by a tailor in FranceAntique bespoke clothingPerfect conditionHigh w..

French workwear blue pants 1930's


1930's moleskine worker pantsMade in FranceOriginal PatchworkHand authentic mendingsPerfect patinaAu..

Icon blue chore jacket


Iconic blue chore jacketMade from a strong cotton fabricBlue deep indigo colorPerfect condition..

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Le mont st michel 1950 french overalls

Le mont st michel french overallsPerfect moleskin patinaAuthentic workwear coverallRare itemMade in ..

SAHARA French army jacket 1920


Ultra rare French Military JacketWorn in Egypt by the French colonial armyMade from coutil fabr..

"Le franc picard" French hickory workwear pants 008


Rare workwear stripped fabricMade in FranceStrong fabricMade bu " le franc picard "Perfect condition..

"Le Mont Rouge" 1930 Blue Chore Jacket


Worn by french workerHard sun faded patinaBrand : Le Mont RougeAuthentic old hand repairsMade i..

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"le mont st michel" 1940 Chore jacket

Beautiful sun faded moleskine chore jacketPerfect conditionBig authentic repairs on the sleevesHand ..

"Mont St Michel" French chore spencer


Mont St Michel French Chore spencerRare pattern typical from 1940'sGood conditionAuthentic name..

"SOLIDA" 1950's French denim


Rare French kid denimBeautiful tag, inspired by the usMade in France after the world war twoStrong d..

1896 La belle jardiniere butler 2pieces suit


1890's Butler Uniform.Made in Paris from La belle jardiniere sol by L. PAco Rue de la boétie Paris.A..

1900 White French Workwear bourgeron


White french workwear pantsWorn during world war oneTypical navy patternAuthentic bones buttonsSize ..

1900's wool French cabman coat


Ultra rare wool cabman coatera : Turn of the century Material : virgin woolWood buttonsAntique ..

1910 French sartorial vest


French antique waistcoatWorn conditionSize smallRare fabricsshoulder width :  35 cm / 13.7 inch..

1910's French canvas jacket


French officer jacketWorn during world war oneMade from canvas cotton fabricRare fire grenade button..

1910's sartorial waistcoat


Interesting French vestRare fabricUsed conditionSize Smallshoulder width : 35 cm / 13.7 inchchest wi..

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1920 dead stock workwear pantsMade from a strong cottonButtons for suspendersCinch back and high wai..

1920 FireFighter German Indigo jacket


Ultra rare natural indigo jacketTypical 1920's outfit Interesting metal buttonsPerfect con..

1920's Double Breasted Summer Vest


Interesting double breasted vestWorn during summerGood conditionCollectible itemshoulder width : 33 ..

1920's factory coat


French chore smockPerfect PatinaUsed in factoryWorn and repairedMade in FranceMEASUREMENTS SIZE Medi..

1920's French fencing jacket


French cotton fencing jacketInteresting designStrong canvas fabricBones buttonsMade in ParisSize X-S..

1920's French Worker Striped Pants


Rare woolen stripped fabricMade by a tailor in FranceAntique bespoke clothingPerfect conditionHigh w..

1920's French Worker Striped Pants


Rare woolen stripped fabricMade by a tailor in FranceAntique bespoke clothingPerfect conditionHigh w..

1920's French workwear Vest


Antique men waistcoatMade from a blue indigo tweedLiner made from a soft khaki linenPerfect conditio..

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1920's tweed French vest

Interesting 1920's tweed waistcoatGood conditionTweed wollen fabricSize smallshoulder width : 36 cm ..

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1930 / 1940's moleskin cyclist jacket

Rare moleskin jacket .Made from soft moleskin cottonPerfect fit typical cyclist model used in the fr..

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1930 Adolphe Lafont deadstock

Vintage cotton moleskin chore jacket.Classic 1930's fit and detailsNice fitting detailsDeadtock, wit..

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1930 Boro patched jacket

Vintage cotton moleskin chore jacket.Classic 1930's fit and detailsNice fantique hand repairsMade in..

1930 French Worker Striped Pants


Rare chambray strong stripped fabricMade in FranceAntique clothingPerfect conditionHigh waist fitSiz..

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1930 stable boy shirt

Rare stable boy shirtCondition deadstockAuthentic Paper tagNice collar designFound in France from Ge..

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1930 workwear spencer jacket

Rare workwear spencerMade from strong cottonNice sun faded patinaGreat condition Alluminium but..

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1930's Blue Farmer Shirt

Iconic blue chore shirtSwallow 1930's collarMade from a strong blue cotton fabricSun faded patinaGoo..

1930's French Corduroy Hunting Jacket


Antique repaired corduroy hunting jacket.Interesting various corduroy brown fabricsGood conditionAni..

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1930's French workwear shirt

Interesting collarless workwear shirtPatched and reapiredWorn by craftsmenMade from a soft stripped ..

1930's Herringbone Blue workwear overalls


Beautifull herringbone sun faded overallMade from a soft herringbone blue cottonGood conditionBrand ..

1930's indigo spencer


1930's rarity linen firemen chore jacket.Made in France from a strong  indigo linen fabric..

1930's Mont St Michel overalls


Rare moleskin mont saint michel overallMade from a strong moleskine cottonBeautiful sun faded patina..

1930's sculptor atelier jacket


1930's french  strong linen atelier coat Made in France from natural linen fabric Authent..

1930's striped chambray shirt


Rare workwear shirtMade from striped chambray blue fabric100% cottonTypical swallow collarPull over ..

1930's tweed French Vest


Interesting waist coatMade from tweed fabricsNice authentic repairsGood conditionSize Smallshoulder ..

1930's workwear blazer


French chore  blazer 3 buttonsNice paintings patina, sun faded and authentic hand repairsTypica..

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1940 French workwear pants size32

1940 moleskin patched pants Made in France Repairs and patches  Hand authentic mending..

1940 German workwear jacket


Rare Kriegsmarine jacketTypical German workwearBeautifull patinaPerfect conditionSize X-SMALL /..

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